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Informaation visualisointi I

Envisioning Information I

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The course has started on friday · 25. Mar. 2011

As promised here are the links and downloads according to this course:

Linklist according to the lecture from 25. mar.: »From Hieroglyphs to Infographic« and »Tufte«
Linklist according to our lecture from 30. Mar.: »Thinking about signs« and »Transmission model of communication«
Linklist according to our lecture from 31. Mar.: »Interactive Visual Explainers - Classification« and »What should you show in an info-graphic?«
Linklist according to our lecture from 1. Mar.: »Perception of Cartographic Representations«

Final presentation was on 1. Mar.; see here the achievements of the course exercise: »Personal annual report«.


Aihe on: · Topic of this course:

Today graphics are used everywhere, information needs to be explained and comprehend very quick.
Their extensively use structuring particulars will lead us to the development of a visual language
in the 20th century and we will disclose the secret on how to make effective graphics.
In this course, we will think about signs and what elements signs are consisting, come up to maps
and their representations of the actual world and will end up to the process of make an information graphic
for storytelling from static, printed media to interactive infographic on the Internet or in TV.

An introduction to »Modern Hyroglyphs«
     Dan D Shafer, lecturer, Seattle, Washington (USA)     PDF, download


Some of the interactive infographic examples we will explore may include audio,
it could be helpful to use headphones, fitting in the computer Line out (3.5 mm jack)
otherwise you are obliged to adjust your volume not interfering the lecture
or your fellow students.

Explore a World of Symbols:

»Symbols -Encyclopedia of Westerns Signs and Ideograms.«
     HME Publishing, Lidingö Sweden     online


Why should we use a ›sketchbook‹?

Muutama kysymys? · Any Questions?


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