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Informaation visualisointi I

Envisioning Information I

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Linklist according to the 1st part of our lecture: »From Hieroglyphs to Infographic« 25. mar.

Script: »From Hieroglyphs to Infographic«      download PDF

⇒ Course exercise: »Personal annual report« remember: final presentation 15. march      download PDF

example: »Planning for jobs«, New York City, USA

Halle, David: ›America's Working Man: Work, Home, and Politics Among Blue Collar Property‹;  ISBN 0226313654; online
New York City, USA: NYC Subway Historical Maps
quotation from: ›Planning for jobs: supplement to Plan for New York City‹; New York (N.Y.). 1971  library holdings

In order to show you the inherent differences:

The Case study: ›Water footprints of nations‹ Research  University of Twente & UNESCO-IHE
The ›H2O Calculator‹   H2O Conserve is a project of ICCR, GRACE, Food & Water Watch, and the Johns Hopkins University Center for a Livable Future.
The ›Virtual Water project‹ by Timm Kekeritz  FHP (University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany)

More information about: »ISOTYPE« Otto Neurath and Gerd Arntz
More information about: »pictograms« Otl Aicher
The symbol signs designed by AIGA and the U.S. Department of Transportation,
   they are an example of how public-minded designers can address a universal communication need.

The book: »Genesis - Die Schöpfung« Juli Gudehus · Fachhochschule Düsseldorf · University of Applied Science
Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the Kansas State University, USA:
   »Information R/evolution«  video

portablefilmfestival »Airport«  video
»Karl Bartos« Im the message  video
Paul Veroude Artwork of 3-D exploded view: »Honda F1 ›View Suspended‹ «
The video we have been watching: »Royksopp - Remind Me«  video

What you have seen: ›Gallery of Data Visualization‹ The Best and Worst of Statistical Graphics

Studentwork in infographic:

Benjamin Schulte: »24_7 · Immer Unsichtbar Alltag« (Always Invisible everyday)
 Excellent diplomawork (2007), University of Applied Sciences, Düsseldorf (GER): ADC Junior Days, junior red dot award,
  DDC-competition ›Good Design 08‹ and the Lucky Strike Junior Designer Award.

Martin Gorka: »Neu · Wege zum Fortschritt« (New - ways to progress) (2007)
 diplomawork, HfG Offenbach (Academy of Art and Design Offenbach am Main)(GER)

Cornelia Vogt, Violetta Walter, Martin Gorka: »Erdzeiten · Atlas der Paläogeografie« (atlas of geological eras) (2006)
 studentwork, HfG Offenbach Academy of Art and Design Offenbach am Main)(GER): junior red dot award

Showcase of student projects: »Personal annual reports«
 Fachhochschule Potsdam, University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam (GER)


More Annual Reports: »Archive Best Annual Reports«
Annual Reports from the worlds leading ad-agencys: »WPP Annual Reports«
A nice one too: »DSB Annual Reports«
The Annual Reports from »Nicholas Feltron«  I showed you
Official Annual Report: »Vuosikertomus« / »Statistics Finland in brief: Annual Report«
About money: »Suomen Pankki Vuosikertomus« / »Bank of Finland«
Also money: »Credit Suisse Group Annual Report«

»Daytum«: a home for collecting and communicating your daily data.
»Mycrocosm«: statistical graphs and other visual language tools for social communication
»Many Eyes«: a service that combines information visualization with social software
»Track-n-Graph«: start tracking and graphing!


Götte, Michael; Kneidl, Michael; Krampen, Martin: ›Die Welt der Zeichen / The World of Signs‹;
 ISBN: 3-89986-086-1

Liu, Yang: ›Ost trifft West / East meets West‹;  ISBN: 3-87439-733-5
Spissler, Hanno ›Infografiikka julkaisijan työvälineenä‹;  ISBN: 952-5344-17-7
     Lapin yliopiston kirjaston/Lapland University Library: Taidekirjasto, kurssikirjat · TAID K Spissler Hanno

Not enough?:

Eric Rodenbeck: Nextcity: The Art of the Possible (Stamen Design),
     Feb. 2008: New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York (USA)      movie

Linklist according to the 2nd part of our lecture: :
     »Information and Presentation Graphics Based on Edward Tufte's Principles« 25. mar.

Script: »Information and Presentation Graphics Based on Edward Tufte's Principles«      download PDF

Course tutorial for 27. januar: »analyse« be prepared to discuss your evaluation during the course discussion.      PDF

Link to our course tutorial: ›Evolution of Modern Humans‹ by Dennis O'Neil.      interactive

More information about: »Edward Tufte« and his books ›Visual Explanations‹, ›Envisioning Information‹,
     ›The Visual Display of Quantitative Information‹, and ›Data Analysis for Politics and Policy‹.

The video we have been watching: »The Longcut - A Tried And Tested Method«

Case Study: World Life Expectancy

»Trendalyzer«; Gapminder Foundation
     Sweden      english

Huomio! · Attention!
Would you be so kind to bring along a pen (or more) and paper (sketchbook) to our next lecture:
»Visual Thinking«



Henschel, Gerhard ›Die wirrsten Grafiken der Welt‹ {The worlds most confused diagrams.}  ISBN: 3-423-13286-8 preview
  Translate this Web page; Käännä tämä WWW-sivu online translation of the german web-page
Indij, Guido ›Perón mediante. Gráfica peronista del periodo clásico‹;  ISBN: 950-889-136-X
Peuser ed.; ›La Nacion Argentina. Justa Libre Soberana‹; Buenos Aires 1950
Tufte, Edward R. ›The cognitive style of PowerPoint‹;  ISBN: 0-961392150
  Lapin yliopiston kirjaston/Lapland University Library: For staff use only (ei lainata) · TAID Weplay Tufte Edward R
Tufte, Edward R. ›Envisioning information‹;  ISBN: 0-961392118
  Lapin yliopiston kirjaston/Lapland University Library: Taidekirjasto, kurssikirjat · TAID K Tufte Edward R.
Tufte, Edward R. ›The visual display of quantitative information‹;  ISBN: 0-9613921-4-2
  Lapin yliopiston kirjaston/Lapland University Library: Taidekirjasto, kurssikirjat · TAID K Tufte Edward R.
Tufte, Edward R. ›Visual explanations : images and quantities, evidence and narrative‹;  ISBN: 0-961392126
  Lapin yliopiston kirjaston/Lapland University Library: Taidekirjasto, kurssikirjat · TAID K Tufte Edward R.

This and That:

Rob Di Ieso ›Are You Done in There?‹ We Need More Public Toilets  GOOD Magazine  online preview
karlssonwilker inc.'s ›tellmewhy‹ The First 24 Months of a New York Design Company  ISBN-13: 978-1568984162
Universidad de Buenos Aires (AR), Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo ›Infographic‹  español
The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC): ›Apply for a GDC Scholarship now!‹
      The judging takes place on 26 April 2009 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

›Pie charts for maps‹ TrueType symbol font
      Curtis Clark, Biological Sciences, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (USA)      download

ID-IA SIG, Society for Technical Communication   Arlington, Virginia (USA)
International Institute for Information Design   global network of information design experts

Why should we use a ›sketchbook‹?


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