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Informaation visualisointi I

Envisioning Information I

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As promised here are the links and downloads according to this course:

Linklist according to the lecture from 10. feb.: »From Hieroglyphs to Infographic«
Linklist according to the lecture from 11. feb.: »Information and Presentation Graphics Based on Edward Tufte's Principles«
Linklist according to the 1st part of our lecture from 12. feb.: »Thinking about signs«
Linklist according to the 2nd part of our lecture from 12. feb.: »Perspective«
Linklist according to both parts of our lecture from 13. feb.:
     »Transmission model of communication« and »Animated infographics · online storytelling«

Linklist according to our lecture from 16. feb.: »Interactive Visual Explainers - Classification«
Linklist according to our lecture from 17. feb.: »What should you show in an info-graphic?«
Linklist according to our lecture from 18. feb.: »Perception of Cartographic Representations«

Final presentation was on 26. Feb. 2009


Aihe on: · Topic of this course:

Today graphics are used everywhere, information needs to be explained and comprehend very quick.
Their extensively use structuring particulars will lead us to the development of a visual language
in the 20th century and we will disclose the secret on how to make effective graphics.
In this course, we will think about signs and what elements signs are consisting, come up to maps
and their representations of the actual world and will end up to the process of make an information graphic
for storytelling from static, printed media to interactive infographic on the Internet or in TV.

Explore a World of Symbols:

SND-E, Universidad de Navarra: ›Infographics World Summit‹, Sunday, March 22 - Friday, March 27, 2009
      Pamplona (ES)

IIID and OECD conference: ›DD4D - Data Designed for Decisions‹, Paris, 18-20 June 2009       Paris (FR)

Be informed:

›information aesthetics‹: infographic Archives
      Andrew Vande Moere, Design Lab at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning of the University of Sydney (AUS).

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