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Informaation visualisointi II

Envisioning Information II

Unterricht ⋅ lectures


The course has started on maanantai / monday ⋅ 24. oct. 2011 ⋅ klo 13.00-17.00 in F2080

As promised here are the links and downloads according to this course:

Linklist according to the lecture from 24. oct.: »ISOTYPE and the Visual Education«
Linklist according to the lecture from 26. oct.: »Envisioning Information«
Linklist according to our lecture on 27. oct.: »Visual Explanations«
Linklist according to our lecture on 28. oct.: »Visual and statistical Thinking«
Linklist according to our lecture on 2. nov.: »Wayshowing · Wayfinding«
Linklist according to our lecture on 3. nov.: »The Cognitive Style of ›PowerPoint‹ «
Linklist according to our lecture from 21. nov.: »Cluster & Dataclouds«
Linklist according to our lecture from 23. nov.: »Mobile applications«

We had our final presentation on 24. Nov. ⇒ Course exercise:
›tell the story of »Romeo & Juliet« (William Shakespeare's tragic tale of love and death) visually‹

Inspiration to our task: Romeo & Juliet for H&M

Romeo & Juliet for H&M by gsides

Aihe on: ⋅ Topic of this course:

»Information design is the integrator that brings other disciplines together
to create excellent information solutions.«
Opiskelija perehtyy informaation visualisointiin ja tieteen popularisointiin
eri medioissa sekä syventää taitojaan graafisessa muotoilussa.
Kurssi kuuluu käyttögrafiikan syventävään opintokokonaisuuteen.
sisältö Tiedon visualisointi eri aikakausina ja eri tekniikoin.
Informaatiografiikan lajityypit, tieteen kuvittaminen ja popularisointi.
Tiedon sisältö, tavoitteet, kohderyhmä ja media ilmaisumuodon määrittäjinä.


Some of the interactive infographic examples we will explore may include audio,
it could be helpful to use headphones, fitting in the computer Line out (3.5 mm jack)
otherwise you are obliged to adjust your volume not interfering the lecture
or your fellow students.

Tell a story:

Davis, Joshua: »Race to the Bottom«, CondeNet, Inc.; New York, NY 10036
Tsai, Michelle: »Organs for Sale: Where in the World Can I Buy a Heart? «, CondeNet, Inc.; New York, NY 10036
Robb, John: »When Bots Attack«, CondeNet, Inc.; New York, NY 10036
moooi (NL): »a schizophrenic design conversation«  moooi : design

»America's Cup« (32º Copa América 2007); animated diagrams and linear explanations.  Juan Sanchez, El Mundo

»Putting Pay for Performance to the Test« (Stockmarket); online inforgraphic storytelling.  NY Times

»Heaven or Hell« is a job application fortune teller/cootie catcher for ad-agencies  ADC, Ogilvy & Mather/span>

Keep on running:

»The Coke Zero Game« - Experience football as it should be.  Online Game
Making of »The Coke Zero Game«  The North Kingdom team

Make it visible:

»NYTE« New York Talk Exchange illustrates the global exchange of information in real time by visualizing volumes of long distance telephone and IP (Internet Protocol) data flowing between New York and cities around the world.  MoMA The Museum of Modern Art

Wurman, Richard Saul: »Understanding USA«; informational graphics about the USA.

»One week of The Guardian«; a series that takes the news from one week of the Guardian newspaper, and visually represents it as a series of static visualisations.

Bräutigam, Stefan: »Overnewsed but uninformed«; Diplomawork at FH Mainz.

»Naming Names«; Names used by major US presidential candidates  Jonathan Corum and Farhana Hossain/The New York Times

»Arc«; Digg Arc displays stories, topics, and containers wrapped around a sphere. Arcs trail people as they Digg stories across topics. Stories with more Diggs make thicker arcs.  Digg Inc.

»Travel Time Tube Map«; interactive London Underground map showing the times of travel from the choosen station.  Tom Carden, San Francisco

»Similar Diversity«; is an information graphic which opens up a new perspective at the topics religion.  Philipp Steinweber and Andreas Koller

case study: »White City Stories«

»White City Stories« in-depth look at the history and culture of Arequipa, Peru  University of North Carolina
»White City Stories« Interactive maps  University of North Carolina
»White City Stories« landmark building  by students at University of North Carolina, USA and Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria, Arequipa, Peru

Inspiration: | A visual exploration on mapping complex networks | creates a poster


Golden Section Graphics GmbH, Berlin; Georg Scheibe, Düsseldorf KG; Hanno Weinert-Sprissler, Köln

infografikarchiv, by Hanno Weinert-Sprissler, Köln

Erich Schmidt Verlag GmbH & Co., Berlin

»grafik4free« Somebody has paid this infographic for you; Hans Auer Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H, Vienna.


Society for Environmental Graphic Design, Washington, DC, USA
The Sign Design Society, London, United Kingdom
International Institute for Information Design (IIID), Wien/Vienna, Austria
American Institute of Graphic Arts, USA

conferences, conventions, and other professional events:

»see #3«, The conference on visualization of information

»see #3«, Recordings from the Caligari theatre: 14.00 Ben Fry

conference »Signs of the European City«, 17. and 18. october, Berlin, GER


Byrne, David: »Learning to Love PowerPoint«, CondeNet, Inc.; New York, NY 10036

Friendly, Michael; Denis, Daniel J.: ›Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics, and Data Visualization‹;  Department of Mathematics and Statistics, York University, Toronto, Ontario (CAN)
Harris, Robert L.: ›Information Graphics: A Comprehensive Illustrated Reference‹; the book,  ISBN-13: 978-0195135329
Pettersson, Rune Ph.D.: ›It Depends: Information Design ? Principles and Guidelines‹;  ISBN: 91-85334-24-3
 free download
Rojas, Francisca M. (Ed): ›new york talk exchange‹; the book,  ISBN 978 0 09794774 1 6
 MoMA Design and Book Store, (coming soon)
Tanner, W. P., Jr. and Swets, J. A.: »The evidence for a decision-making theory of visual detection«  Psychological Review, 61, 401-409. Teller, D.Y. (1955)

Tufte, Edward R.: ›The cognitive style of PowerPoint‹;  ISBN: 0-961392150
  Lapin yliopiston kirjaston/Lapland University Library: For staff use only (ei lainata) · TAID Weplay Tufte Edward R
Tufte, Edward R.: ›Envisioning information‹;  ISBN: 0-961392118
  Lapin yliopiston kirjaston/Lapland University Library: Taidekirjasto, kurssikirjat · TAID K Tufte Edward R.
Tufte, Edward R.: ›The visual display of quantitative information‹;  ISBN: 0-9613921-4-2
  Lapin yliopiston kirjaston/Lapland University Library: Taidekirjasto, kurssikirjat · TAID K Tufte Edward R.
Tufte, Edward R.: ›Visual explanations : images and quantities, evidence and narrative‹;  ISBN: 0-961392126
  Lapin yliopiston kirjaston/Lapland University Library: Taidekirjasto, kurssikirjat · TAID K Tufte Edward R.

Why should we use a ›sketchbook‹?

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