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Linklist according to tour lecture: »Wayshowing versus Wayfinding« and »Field Research« 15. Mar.

Wayfinding: The mental process that turns travel goals into decisions, actions and behaviors. A process of determining and following a path or route between an origin and destination. Travelers do this.

Wayshowing: The communication of information to aid travelers in getting desired goals, making decisions and taking appropriate actions. Byway providers do this.

Interaction Design:
. A technology-centered view.
. A behaviorist view.
. The Social Interaction Design view.

Persona A persona represents a cluster of users who exhibit similar behavioral patterns in their purchasing decisions, use of technology or products, customer service preferences, lifestyle choices, and the like. Behaviors, attitudes, and motivations are common to a "type" regardless of age, gender, education, and other typical demographics. In fact, personas vastly span demographics.


»Neuer Zollhof«; Düsseldorf (GER)
     Architect: Frank O. Gehry      pictures

»Centre Pompidou«; Paris (FR)
     Centre national d'art et de culture Georges Pompidou, architect Renzo Piano et. al.      english

»Centre Pompidou«; Paris (FR) publication of magazines
     Fluidbook      français, english, interactive

Wayfinding decision

Commuting and Traveling: »AirTrain JFKennedy Airport«; NY (USA)
     The Port Authority of NY & NJ (USA)      interactive, english

Journal: »Society for Gestalt Theory and its Applications«; NY (USA)
      ISSN 0170-057 X, Verlag Krammer, Vienna (Austria)      english, deutsch, italiano, francais


»International Association for People-Environment Studies (IAPS)«; Spatial cognition and wayfinding ...

Study: »How ›Way-Finding‹ Affects the Brain«;
     UCSD Division of Biological Sciences (USA)      english


Dürer, Albrecht: ›Etliche Unterricht zu Befestigung der Stett, Schloss und Flecken.‹;
     Nürnberg (GER), 1527 german, illustrations
Reference for »castles, palaces and monasteries«;


Abu-Ghazzeh, Tawfiq M.: »Movement and wayfinding in the King Saud University built environment«
     Journal of environmental psychology 1996, vol. 16, no4, pp. 303-318 (1 p.3/4) ISSN 0272-4944, Riyadh
     not free download

Berger, Craig: ›Wayfinding: Designing and Implementing Graphic Navigational Systems‹;
      RotoVision, 2005, ISBN: 978-2880468187 english
Butler, D. L., Acquino, A. L., Hissong, A. A., and Scott, P. A.: ›Wayfinding by newcomers in a complex building.‹;
      In Human Factors 1993, Vol 35, Issue 1, pp 159-173. english
Collis, Hugh: ›Transport, Engineering and Architecture‹;
      Architectural Pr (April 2004), ISBN: 978-0750677486 english
Lynch, Kevin: ›The Image of the City‹;
      B&T, Juni 1960, ISBN: 978-0262620017 english
Mattila, Anu: ›Wayfinding in a Built Environment‹;
 Pro gradu-työ, Lapin yliopisto, 2008      → Call Number: TAID Lop Mattila Anu
Mollerup, Per: ›Wayshowing: a guide to environmental signage; principles & practices‹;
     Lars Müller Publishers; 2005       → Call Number: Taidekirjasto, yleiskokoelma; TAID 655 Mollerup Per
Passini, Romedi: ›Wayfinding in architecture‹;
     New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1984
      → Call Number: Taidekirjasto, yleiskokoelma; TAID 72 Passini Romedi
Rhyne, Janie: ›The Gestalt art experience: patterns that connect‹;
     Chicago (IL) : Magnolia Street Publishers, cop. 1996.
      → Call Number: Taidekirjasto, yleiskokoelma; TAID 615.851 Rhyne Janie

Huomio! · Attention!
Would you be so kind to bring along a pen and paper (sketchbook) to our next lecture:
»Guidance · Orientation« on 16. Mar. in F 2080


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