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Wayfinding and Signage Design

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Linklist according to the lecture:
»Planning Guidance« · »Perception of Cartographic Representations« · »Virtual Navigation« 3. Nov.

Inspiration for our task:

Moniteurs : Signage for Airports;
     »Identity and Function«, about the BER Airport Berlin Brandenburg signage system

About Linz

»IIID Traffic & Transport Forum 2017«;
     Linz, Austria      english


»The Messe Karlsruhe«: (Karlsruhe Trade Fair and Exhibition Center)
     Rheinstetten, Karlsruhe (GER)      deutsch, english

architects: »The Messe Karlsruhe«: (Karlsruhe Trade Fair and Exhibition Center)
     Gerber Architekten, Dortmund (GER)      deutsch, english

»Flughafen Düsseldorf International« (Airport)
     Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH, Düsseldorf (GER)      deutsch, english, nederlands

Picture gallery: »Flughafen Düsseldorf International« (Airport)
     Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH, Düsseldorf (GER)      deutsch, english, nederlands

Case Study: Merton Design Guidance: Design Guide for Conservation Areas

»Resource for Urban Design Information (RUDI)«; web resource dedicated to urban design and placemaking
     RUDI, UK      interactive, english

signs / signage

The ›Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)‹
      United States Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration (USA)      english

The ›Substituting/Optimizing (variable) Message Signs for the Trans European Road Network (SOMS)‹
      International Institute for Information Design (EU)      english

›symbol signs‹ for modern life
     American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), NY, USA      english, download

›Pie charts for maps‹ TrueType symbol font
      Curtis Clark, Biological Sciences, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (USA)      download

Piktogramfont »Ruter«;
     in TTF and OTF      download

The ›Noun Project‹
     Creating, Sharing and Celebrating the World's Visual Language      english, download

      database of free vector icons      english, download

Corporate Design University of Lapland

Used Font »Gudea«;
     (Sans Serif) by Agustina Mingote      download

New Logo »Lapland University«;
     as png      download

New Logo »Lapland University«; black/white
     as pdf, vector      download

New Logo »Lapland University«; colored
     as pdf, vector      download

Case Study: Sign functions: Waymarking

»Arnold Arboretum«;
      Arnold Arboretum of the Harvard University, Boston, MA (USA)      english


»RAL«; (color space system)
     RAL, Germany      deutsch

»BSI«; The British Standards Institution
     The British Standards Institution (UK)      english

»NCS«; Natural Color System, Scandinavian Colour Institute (Skandinaviska Färginstitutet AB)
     Stockholm (SE)      english, svensk

Sign Design

»The Sign Design Society«
     The Sign Design Society, UK      english

»Society for Environmental Graphic Design«
     Society for Environmental Graphic Design, Washington, DC (USA)      english

»International Institute for Information Design«
     International Institute for Information Design (IIID), Wien/Vienna, Austria      english


Batstra,.B. Graafland, A.D. & P..Camilo Maas, W. (Eds.): »Space Fighter: The Evolutionary City (Game:)«
     MVRDV/DSD MVRDV, Delft School of Design; Actar D, 2007, ISBN-13: 978- 8496540736      english
Bergström, Berit : › Colour Design in Urban Planning - an Environmental Factor‹;
     Colour Institute AB, Stockholm, (SE)       english

Bimber, Oliver; Raskar, Ramesh: »Spatial augmented reality«: merging real and virtual worlds
     A K Peters, Ltd., ISBN-13: 978-1568812304
     Lapin yliopiston kirjaston/Lapland University Library: [Elektroninen aineisto]
Fraser, June; Barker, Peter: ›Sign Design Guide‹;
     The Sign Design Society and the Joint Mobility Unit of the RNIB (UK)       online order, english

Hill, Dan: »The street as platform«
     City of Sound      interactive, english

Klanten, Robert (Ed.): »SpaceCraft : fleeting architecture and hideouts«
     Gestalten Verlag, 2007, ISBN-13: 978-3899551921      english
Kluth, Andreas: »Nomads at last«
     The Economist, Apr 10th 2008, London (UK); ISSN 0013-0613      english, online

Mollerup, Per: ›Wayshowing: a guide to environmental signage; principles & practices‹;
     Lars Müller Publishers; 2005       → Call Number: Taidekirjasto, yleiskokoelma; TAID 655 Mollerup Per
Peirce, Charles Sanders: ›What Is a Sign?‹; 1894
     Marxists Internet Archive Admin Committee       online, english

de Saussure, Ferdinand: ›Third Course of Lectures on General Linguistics‹; (1910-1911)
     Marxists Internet Archive Admin Committee, publ. Pergamon Press, 1993       online, english

Smitshuijzen, Edo: ›Signage Design Manual‹;
     The Sign Design Society and the Joint Mobility Unit of the RNIB (UK)       online order, english

Sterling, Bruce: »Shaping Things«
     The MIT Press; (2005), ISBN-13: 978-0262693264      english

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