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Wayfinding and Signage Design

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Linklist according to the lecture: »Guidance in Kuusamo« and »Viral Marketing«

Inspiration for our task:

Chamber of Architects NRW: Junior Uni, Wuppertal

Get in contact: ›Corporate Publishing‹

»BMW« Company Magazine
»MINI International magazine«
»AUDI magazine« German
»Audi magazine« English
Tutustu uuteen »Citroën-Voilà« -numeroon
»The Lamborghini - Magazine« award winning B-2-C magazine by ›köckritzdörrich GmbH‹ Agentur für Kommunikation

Get in contact: Special interest magazines

»Tekniikan Maailma«
»Moottori« autolehti
»Moottori« mediatieto · mediadata
independant »BMW Driver magazine«
independant »Audi Driver magazine« regularly features comprehensive road tests of the latest models
independant »BMW Driver magazine«
»Auto Motor & Sport« Sveriges mest informativa motorsport tidning.
»Mercedes magazine«

Get in contact: TV-broadcasting

nelonen »start!«
Video »Audi S3« Rallihenkeä kaipaaville (jaksossa 17.3.2007 nelonen start!)
Sveriges Television (SVT) »Motorist«

Get in contact: Flyer, E-Mail or Telephone?

Annual Report of »Deutsche Post« mail revenue
»A spam-free world by 2006« Bill Gates is promising.
Govermental »filtered internet«
The national Do-Not-Call list

Get People to Talk About Your Stuff

»Hornbach« Video
Making off »Hornbach« Video by »Akte 06« · saksan kieli, deutsch
»Soccer in Amsterdam« Video
»Snickers - Get some nuts« good old Mr. T! (A-Team,...)
»Grolsch« Dutch beer campaign
»Renault« Christmas snow ball
A mini-site to promote the new »Puma Ducati shoe«: don't slow down.
Videos of a skateboarder got projected to draw people's attention on the »Sportlife's« call to action: "Can you make it to the pack?".
Guerilla campaign from the French »Médecins du Monde«
guerrilla marketing campaigns for denim brand »Revero« not groundbreaking, but given the product advertised
»2008 SCION xB« how do you follow that up for the release of an icon
»2008 SCION xB« Game
Chicago Auto Show: »Toyotas 2008 SCION xB«
»VW GTI Mk V« Take it on a joyride with Helga: ›Let's go shlalom!‹ to get an idea of ›Jehrman enjehnering.‹
»Gypsy Cab Project« Volkswagen
»EOS Tarot« Volkswagen
»Toyotas SCION« page

Additionals: Let me entertain you:

›Sissimarkkinointi‹ Luovat-blogi
›All Marketers are Liars‹ by »Seth Godin«
»Seth Godin« speaker brochure
»Sissimarkkinointi onnistui«
»SIXT« Autovuokraamo German Fake-page
»Street, Buzz & Guérilla marketing« Blog France
Le portail de»BUZZ Marketing« Blog France »AdverBox« Blog USA
»Guerrilha« Blog Brazil
»Word of Mouth Marketing« (WOMM) Conference 2007
»Guerriglia marketing« Italia
»Sissimarkkinointi« by Jari Parantainen, Talentum Media Oy, 2005, ISBN: 978-9521409974
»Buzzmarketing« by Mark Hughes, Penguin/Portfolio; ISBN: 978-1591840923

»erilaista rekisterikilpi« Suomessa

Note: if you have an issue with the task or your stuck with your idea, do not hesitate to inform me early enough,
     we can make an appointment in order to discuss the matter in my office.
     You can contact me by e-mail.
     Or by phone: +358 50 9280444

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