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Wayfinding and Signage Design

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Linklist according to our lecture: »Pooling«

Tradefair: Электро Moskau (RUS)

»Электро« 2017
     Moscow, Russia      english

Case Study: Events

»HIRIKO electric vehicle«
     a new concept of urban mobility      english

»VW North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)«
     Detroit (USA), 2008; design agency: VOK DAMS Institute for Live-Marketing      Video

»Detroit Motorshow NAIAS (North American International Auto Show)« January 14-27, 2013
     Cobo Center, Detroit, MI (USA)      interactive

imagebank: »Detroit Motorshow NAIAS (North American International Auto Show)« January 14-27, 2013
     Cobo Center, Detroit, MI (USA)      pictures

»NAIAS 2013« North American International Auto Show - PRESS PREVIEW - 2013      movie
Volkswagen Presents Its New CrossBlue Midsize SUV @ »NAIAS 2013«      movie
»COBO Conference/Exhibition Center« Detroit, Michigan USA,      english

Live-marketing agencies:

»Vok Dams« international event- and live-marketing agency      Wuppertal (GER)      english

»as-systems« international event- and fair support      Markt Einersheim (GER)      english

»Volvo C30 Experience«;
     Gothenburg (Swe), 2006; design agency: knock      Video

»Knock« is about 3 dimensional communication      Stockholm (SWE)      english
     Live Trends, Portfolio      english

Case Study: IdeenPark 2008 Stuttgart (GER)

»IdeenBox 2008«:
     ThyssenKrupp AG      deutsch

Find your Way: »IdeenBox 2008«: Joboption
     ThyssenKrupp AG      deutsch, interactive


     Onlineplattform      german

»Westside Center«;
     Brünnen; Bern (CH)      english, german, movies in swiss


Grofman, Bernard: ›Information Pooling and Group Decision Making‹;
 ISBN: 978-0892326099, Elsevier Limited (1986)  english
Kling, Beate; Krüger, Torsten: ›Signaletik - Orientierung im Raum‹;
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Morgan, Conway Lloyd: ›Trade Fair Design Annual‹;
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Virkkula, Susanna (et. al.): ›Messut kuluttajia osallistavan markkinakulttuurin fasilitaattorina: messukokemuksen rakentuminen Venemessuilla‹
     Helsingin kauppakorkeakoulun julkaisuja B 99; HSE Print 2008      suomeksi, download

Note: if you have an issue with the task or your stuck with your idea, do not hesitate to inform me early enough,
     we can make an appointment in order to discuss the matter in my office.
     You can contact me by e-mail.
     Or by phone: +358 50 9280444

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