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Wayfinding and Signage Design

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Linklist according to the lecture: »Guidance for Public Facilities« and »Signalethique«

Inspiration for our task:

Chamber of Architects NRW: Junior Uni, Wuppertal

Case Study: Exhibition


Visual display of natural science: »American Museum of Natural History«; New York, NY (USA)      english
A logo that moves: »Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum«; Nagasaki (JP)      english
»National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)«; Tokyo (JP)      english, japanese
»China's first national women and children's museum«; Beijing (China)      english


Albertina      Vienna, Austria      deutsch
The National Gallery      London, UK      english

Raymond Loewy:

Raymond Loewy page      english

Our daily food:

What's wrong with our foodsystem?      english
Global Grain Trade Statistics & Facts Infographic      english
How far food travels and other objects.      english

The men (women) of action:

L2M3 Kommunikationsdesign GmbH, Stuttgart (GER)      deutsch, english
Hiromura Design Office, Tokyo (JP)      english, japanese

Use of type: distorted letters

»Eureka Tower Carpark«; Melbourne (AUT)
     Axel Peemöller @ Emerystudio, Melbourne (AUT)      english

»Die Welt zerfällt in Tatsachen«; »The world divides into facts«;
     (quote from Ludwig Wittgenstein: Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus) Instalation
     Viktoria Kirjuchina, Diploma work, University of the Arts Berlin (GER)      deutsch

P-06 Atelier, Lisbon (Portugal)

»Theatre and Auditorium Poitiers (TAP)«; Honor Award
     Society for Environmental Graphic Design
     P-06 Atelier, Lisbon (Portugal)      english

»Felice Varini«; geometric perspective-localized paintings of rooms and other spaces
     Felice Varini (CH)/Paris (FR)      français, movies


Astrid Stavro, Birgit Pfisterer: ›The Art of the Grid‹;      Diploma Work, The Royal College of Art (UK) 2005      english
More about »Josef Müller-Brockmann and his book ›Grid Systems in Graphic Design.‹ «;      PDF
Studio Dumbar ›2, 3, 4 dimensional design‹;      english, dutch

Case Study: shopping paths

»Kauppakeskus Revontuli Osoite«;
     Rovaniemi      interactive map, suomeksi / english

»customer flow routes«:Humanlink Caselook Track & Trace Customer flow analysis
     Humanlink Finland      Video

»Eye tracking technology«: what catches a shopper's eye in the supermarket?
     Quarks & Co; WDR      interactive flash

»Actisku«: Planogram 3-D Shopmodelling Software
     ACTIPLAY, Montpellier (Fr)      interactive flash

»Planogram Gallery«: Shelf Arrangements
     Shelf Logic Software Products, Rock Hill, NY      english


     Onlineplattform      german

»Westside Center«;
     Brünnen; Bern (CH)      english, german, movies in swiss

Street Art: Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Bag Monsters

Temporary exhibtion sites:

»Prada Marfa«: Faux Shop
     art installation, Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset; Marfa Texas, (USA)      english

»Museum X«: temporary, former municipal theatre
     Milena Monssen, Jan Edler, Tim Edler, Christoph Wagner; Museum Abteiberg Mönchengladbach, (GER)      english

»LAUFBAHN™«: off the beaten track, Art installation
     formfjord, blackjune und Freunde, Berlin (GER)      english, deutsch, česky

»raumlaborberlin«: contemporary architecture and urbanism
     Markus Bader et al.; Am Flutgraben 3, Berlin, (GER)      english

transformation of the ›Eichbaum‹ underground station between Mülheim and Essen (GER) into an opera house
from raumlabor berlin.

Jaime Lerner: »Sing a song of sustainable cities«

Case Study: Public Space

»University Health Network«: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
     Corbin Design, Traverse City, MI (USA)      english

Let's discuss your activities and projects ...



Brauer, Gernot ed.: ›Architektur als Markenkommunikation: dynaform + cube‹;
     ›Architecture as brand communication‹;
     ISBN 978-3-7643-6656- 8, Switzerland : Birkhäuser 2002       deutsch, english
Carter, Robert ed.: ›Working with Type 5: Exhibitions.‹;
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Daab, Ralf: ›Exhibition design‹;
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Dernie, David: ›Exhibition design‹;
     London : Laurence King, 2007
      → Call Number:
Lapin yliopisto, AK näyttely-yksikkö (ei lainata) AC exhibition staff offices
Gutmann, Robert: ›Ausstellungsstände‹; ›Exhibition stands‹;
     Stuttgart, Verlagsanstalt Alexander Koch, 1962      english, german
Gutmann, Robert: ›Ladengestaltung‹; ›Shop design‹;
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Kaltcheva, V. D.; Weitz, B. A.: »When Should a Retailer Create an Exciting Store Environment?«
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Klanten, Robert (Ed.): »SpaceCraft : fleeting architecture and hideouts«
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Kling, Beate; Krüger, Torsten: ›Signaletik - Orientierung im Raum‹;
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Larson, Jeffrey S., Bradlow, Eric and Fader, Peter: »An exploratory look at supermarket shopping paths.«
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Lorenc, Jan: ›What is exhibition design?‹;
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Vranckx, Bridget: ›Exhibit design: high impact solutions‹;
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      → Call Number:
Lapin yliopisto, AK näyttely-yksikkö (ei lainata) AC exhibition staff offices

Note: if you have an issue with the task or your stuck with your idea, do not hesitate to inform me early enough,
     we can make an appointment in order to discuss the matter in my office.
     You can contact me by e-mail.
     Or by phone: +358 46 89 66 727

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