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Wayfinding and Signage Design

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Linklist according to our lecture: »Accessible Architecture«

Public Facilities: Hospitals

»Hospital Design Guidance«
     National Institute of Building Sciences, Washington, USA      english

»Universal Symbols In Health Care Workbook, Best Practices for Sign Systems.«
     Hablamos Juntos., USA      english, download

»Symbol Usage In Health Care Settings«
     Hablamos Juntos; The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, JRC Design, USA 2003      english, download

»Symbol Usage In Health Care Settings« Implementation (Part 2)
     Hablamos Juntos; The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, JRC Design, USA 2003      english, download

Call for Participation (CFP) »develop sustainable graphic symbol design for health environments«
     Hablamos Juntos, USA      english

Examples of Hospitals

»Katta Civic Polyclinic«: Tokyo (JP)
     Kenya Hara, Hara Design Institute Nippon Design Center, Inc.      english, japanese

»Umeda Hospital«: Tokyo (JP)
     Kenya Hara, Hara Design Institute Nippon Design Center, Inc.      english, japanese

»Hara Design Institute Nippon Design Center, Inc.«: Tokyo (JP)
     Kenya Hara, Hara Design Institute Nippon Design Center, Inc.      english

»Hospital de Braga«: Portugal
     Design: Rui Granjo      english

»Evelina London Children?s Hospital«: London (GB)
     Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust      english

»Tęczowy Szpital« (PL)
     Katarzyna Kaczmarek, M.A. project, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Poznaniu Wydział Grafiki (PL)      english

»Republican Children's Hospital at Vilnius University« (LTU)
     FOLK ◊ Design agency, Vilnius (LTU)      english

Design for All

»Minnie Melange«; is Sinéad Burkes blog     about education, disability, fashion and accessibility.

»Design for All«; is a swedish founded designphilosophy
     and international platform for developing Design for All in theory and practice.
     Design för Alla (SWE)      english/swedish


»Adobe Color«; web-hosted application for generating color themes (here Healthcare)
     Adobe Systems Incorporated, San Jose, California (USA)      english

Barrier-free architecture

»Barrier-free building for ALL people«; City of Graz (AUT)
     Referat barrierefreies Bauen, Graz, Austria      PDF, download

Icons, Symbols

»Accessibility Symbols«;
     Society for Experiential Graphic Design (USA)      PDF download, vector

»Universal Symbols for Healthcare«;
     Society for Experiential Graphic Design (USA), 2003-2010      PDF download, vector

Testing Signs and Symbols

»Test methods for judged comprehensibility and for comprehension«;
     Hablamos Juntos: Improving Patient-Provider Communication for Latinos (USA)      PDF download

ISO 9186-2:2008 »Graphical symbols -- Test methods -- Part 2: Method for testing perceptual quality«;
     International Organization for Standardization ISO, Geneva (CH)      english: NOTE: the item is in the library

Case Study: accessible technology and design

Giuliani, Rudolph W. (Ed.) »Universal Design New York«; for People with Disabilities
     Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY (USA),
     ISBN: 0-9714202-0-3, 2001
     english, online

»Designing for the 21st Century«; Conference
     Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)      english

Case Study: Pedestrian Signals

»Functioning of pedestrian signals«; PICS System
     Japan      english

Visual impaired:

»National Federation of the Blind (NFB)«;
     Baltimore, MD (USA)      english

»RoboBraille«; email based translation service
     The Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford (GB)      english

»TIM«; Tactile Interactions-Monitor
     Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Schlingensiepen, Bergische Universität Wuppertal (GER)      deutsch

Civil rights law:

»Americans with Disabilities Act«;
     U.S. Department of Justice (USA)      english


Bird, Katharine (ed.) et al.: ›Design for Accessibility: A Cultural Administrator's Handbook‹;
     National Endowment for the Arts, Washington, DC (USA) 2003      english, download

Fischer, Joachim; Meuser, Philipp: ›Accessible Architecture‹
 ISBN:978-39-38666463; Dom Publishers, Berlin, Germany January 2009  english
Hjälpmedelsinstitutet (Swe), Gabor Palotai Design: ›New Graphical Symbols for Many More‹;
 ISBN: 978-91-85689-19-4  Arvinius Förlag, Stockholm, Sweden (2008)
Meuser, Philipp; Pogade, Daniela: ›Architecture, Information, Graphics: the design of communication‹;
 ISBN: 978-9812453419, Page One Publishing, Singapore (2006)  english
Mollerup, Per: ›Wayshowing: a guide to environmental signage; principles & practices‹;
     Lars Müller Publishers; 2005       → Call Number: Taidekirjasto, yleiskokoelma; TAID 655 Mollerup Per
Mollerup, Per: ›Wayshowing in Hospitals‹;
     Australasian Medical Journal 2009, 1, 10, 112-114      english, download

Plyler, Christopher S.: ›School for the Visually Impaired, A Transition to Independent Living‹;
     Texas Tech College of Architecture (USA)      english, download

Saito, Mamoru; Kitaguchi, Katsuhisa: ›Route Guidance in a Public Facility using Infrared Signs.‹;
     Osaka Municipal Technical Research Institute, Japan       Journal Code:F0106A. ISSN:0368-5918
Stouffer, Jeff: ›Designs on High Touch Healthcare‹;
      ArchitectureWeek, 2001 (USA)      english, download

Homo Virtualis: The Virtual Ape in the Digital Future: Ray Hammond at TEDxSalford

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