Final course task:                                       

course: AGRA 0715 Tilallinen graafinen suunnittelu á Environmental Graphics

topic: guidance for the Lapland University

lecturer: Markus Schršppel



final presentation: 1.04.2016                                   min. format: Adobe PDF/ .3pg / printed booklet



Task:       An university is an institution of higher learning providing facilities for teaching and research. The goal is to offer courses to prepare people to work in various sectors of the economy or areas of culture. The studies at those different research and design institutions will lead to a degree (such as a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree). A university has to meet the high expectations of the public in an increasingly challenging environment. For students, visitors, suppliers, and staff alike, navigation in the university is a frequent problem. People in an university who will lose their way, take a longer time than necessary to find their destination, are late for appointments, and have a bad experience. Some of them will eventually ask every adult they meet and thereby spread the problem. Students and staff being late for appointments means an inefficient use of scarce material resources and manpower. In the long term, wayfinding problems can probably add up to many years of lost university productivity. On top of this, inferior signage and other kinds of bad wayshowing give the university and the whole education system a bad reputation. System design may help the visters of the Lapland University to have a more stressless stay.


Your task in this course is to develope a guidance system for the Lapland University including all the wayshowing clues that can support the students, visitor or other external users before arrival to the university. The kind of media is up to your decission and experience during the course. The information could be present a general plan of the university and its surroundings, or a route map that show the different departments, or a large icon based board at the entrance continuing to the lecture rooms. It could also include pre-visit information about accessibility, public transportation, and private parking. A good guidance system will help the user to plan the visit at the university.


final presentation of your ideas on April 1st, exhibiting your designed elements, vinyl cut icons or digital animated slideshow ...


                The professional wayshowing designer will research the problem before he devises the solution. As in other fields of professional work, diagnosis precedes treatment. A thorough analysis of the present wayfinding/wayshowing is the natural point of departure for any improvement.



Have fun!