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Linklist according to the 1st part of our lecture: »wayshowing · wayfinding« 24. Sept.

1st Tutorial: ›Comparative Test of Public Symbols‹

Online-Questionaire ›Cognitive test of airportsignage. ‹
     Markus Schröppel      english, interactive

Discover Maps

Karttakeskus / Map Center of Finland
Find everything you need around tube stations in London
Helsinki Pääkaupunkiseudun opaskartta / Helsinki Map Service
Townmap Berlin
The »Asian Highway Handbook«
     developed by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific;
     Publication with Full Text: Online PDF

ESA Paikallistiedotus Suomi: Iani Chaos region on Mars; Ensimmäiset Marsin suunnistuskartat
     European Space Agency

Immerse yourself in the topic: »Cartographic Communication«
     developed by Kenneth E. Foote and Shannon Crum,
     Department of Geography, University of Colorado at Boulder (USA)

Historic maps

»Historic cities maps«;
     The Geography Department, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (IL)      english

Dynamic maps

»AirTraffic«: watch swiss realtime air traffic
     Diplomawork, Zürich School of Engeneering, Winterthur (CH)

How to Make a Map:

»How to Make a Map in Illustrator«      Tutorial9

Additional Information

Worldmapper: The world as you've never seen it before:
     Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, using equal area cartograms where territories are re-sized on each map
     according to a particular variable.

New ways to see the world: Peters Maps, Population Maps, and a variety of South-up maps
      it's a shop

Cartographic history: The Cartographic Creation of »New England«
Introduction ›Map Projections‹
     variety of map projections and how each of the basic types is created

»New Directions in Wayfinding« By Joseph J. Devanney
     download article about ›Joel Katz‹ designer of the Philadelphia (USA) wayfinding system

Theoretical background: »Perception of Cartographic Representations as Visual Communication Tool«
     PhD Thesis by Immelyn Domnick

Aleksey V. Amantov: »Changes in Geological Maps as a Result of Computational Techniques«

Useful Google Earth Graphing/Drawing Tools

British Army on Everest

Wayfinding, Navigointi

How GPS Works
Maps on iPhone       Apple Inc. Video
Volvo Navigation System / RTI map (whats in there?)

3D isometric city maps

»Stockholm« browsable 3D isometric city map      english, interactive

»Hong kong map«; (short for ECity in Chinese)      中国 (chinese), english, interactive

Case Study: shopping paths

»Kauppakeskus Revontuli Osoite«;
     Rovaniemi      interactive map, suomeksi / english

»customer flow routes«:Look at optimal shopper mission routes during different seasons, days or times
     Quarks & Co; WDR      interactive flash

»Eye tracking technology«: what catches a shopper's eye in the supermarket?
     Quarks & Co; WDR      interactive flash

Case Study: Subway guidance (Human Centered Mobility Technologies)

Honeywell Public Transportation Project - Courtesy Of
»Automatic Videobased counting«;
     arsenal research      english

Animation of a »simulation for controlling the flow of people to avoid overcrowding on a subway platform«;
     flow of people can be limited by closing lanes in doorways (red). The darker the area, the higher the people density.
     arsenal research, Vienna, Austria      animation

to delve in

»EHI Retail Institute e. V.«;
     Cologne      download

How to shop at »IKEA«;
     Taiwan      english

»Ant Algorithms and Swarm Intelligence«;
     IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation      english

Publications by project »Ant Alg«;
      Institute of Applied Informatics and Formal Description Methods, Karlsruhe      english

Case Study: multinational manufacturer of consumer electronics: Apple Inc.

»Apple Store, Fifth Ave. NY«;
     767 Fifth Ave. New York City, NY, USA      english

Signalétique [(français) ∼ guidance system]

»Ruedi Baur«; 100 images commentées (100 pictures explaining his work), magazine du graphisme design (FR)      français

Porträt von »Ruedi Baur«; Sendung DesignSuisse des Schweizer Fernsehens.
     SF, Zürich (CH)      deutsch (german), online TV

»Cité du Livre Aix-en-Provence«;
     Saluces, agence conseil en communication, Avignon (FR)      français

»Logo & identité graphique: Université de Lausanne 2005«;
     Lausanne (CH)      français

Case Study: Zoo

»The Pittsburgh Zoo«
     Pittsburgh, PA (USA)      english, interactive

»Ranua Zoo«; Eläinpuiston kartta
     Ranua Wildlife Park      suomeksi, interactive

Case Study: international home products retailer: IKEA

     since 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad;      suomeksi

How to shop at »IKEA«;
     Taiwan      english


Berger, Craig: ›Wayfinding: Designing and Implementing Graphic Navigational Systems‹;
     RotoVision, 2005, ISBN: 978-2880468187 english
Butler, D. L., Acquino, A. L., Hissong, A. A., and Scott, P. A.: ›Wayfinding by newcomers in a complex building.‹;
     In Human Factors 1993, Vol 35, Issue 1, pp 159-173. english
Collis, Hugh: ›Transport, Engineering and Architecture‹;
     Architectural Pr (April 2004), ISBN: 978-0750677486 english
Harmon, Katharine (Editor): ›You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination‹;
           ISBN-13: 978-1568984308
Kaltcheva, V. D.; Weitz, B. A.: »When Should a Retailer Create an Exciting Store Environment?«
     Journal of Marketing, 70 (1), 107-118. ISSN: 0022-2429 (print), 1547-7185 (electronic).      download

Kokkonen, Pellervo: ›Kartan sosiaalinen todellisuus‹, in Tuukka Haarni...[et al.]: ›Tila, paikka ja maisema‹
     Tampere: Vastapaino , 1997, ISBN: 951-768-020-1 Taidekirjasto, kurssikirjat; TAID K Tila paikka ja
Larson, Jeffrey S., Bradlow, Eric and Fader, Peter: »An exploratory look at supermarket shopping paths.«
     Int'l Journal of Research in Marketing, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; 2005      download

Lynch, Kevin: ›The Image of the City‹;
     B&T, Juni 1960, ISBN: 978-0262620017 english
Mattila, Anu: ›Wayfinding in a Built Environment‹;
     Pro gradu-työ, Lapin yliopisto, 2008       → Call Number: TAID Lop Mattila Anu
Mollerup, Per: ›Wayshowing : a guide to environmental signage; principles & practices‹;
     Lars Müller Publishers; 2005       → Call Number: Taidekirjasto, yleiskokoelma; TAID 655 Mollerup Per
Porathe, Thomas: »Conspicuity index:
      Looking for a possible objective measurement of visibility taking context into account«,
     Mälardalens högskola, Eskilstuna and Västerås (Swe), 2008
      In: Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference of the Nordic Ergonomic Society. - 978-9979-70-471-3

Turchi, Peter: ›Maps of the Imagination: The Writer as Cartographer‹;
           ISBN-13: 978-1595340412
Raento, Pauliina: ›Kuvien voima‹; Cupore Julkaisuja 12 | 2005
     Kulttuuripoliittisen tutkimuksen edistämissäätiö, 2005, ISBN: 952-5573-14-1 (nid.) suomeksi
Venturi, Robert: ›Learning from Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form‹;
     B&T; Revised. (1. Januar 1977), ISBN: 978-0262720069 english

Note: if you have an issue with the task or your stuck with your idea, do not hesitate to inform me early enough,
     we can make an appointment in order to discuss the matter in my office.
     You can contact me by e-mail.
     Or by phone: +358 50 9280444

I consider, you allready have a sketchbook:


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