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Linklist according to the 2nd part of our lecture: »The Cognitive Style of ›PowerPoint‹ « · 11. sept.

Tutorial: Create a Presentation for a car brand.

Tesla Motors: ›Tesla Roadster‹; Electric Car
      Tesla Motors, Inc., USA      interactive

e.g: Columbia Accident Investigation Board

Columbia Accident Investigation Board: ›The CAIB Report: Volumes I-VI‹;
      NASA Administration, USA      download

Case Study: United States presidential election, 2008

Hillary Clinton: › »Electability« Power-Point preentation‹; Emailed Out
     2008 U.S. Presidential Election, Democratic party nominee      download

Anne E. Kornblut: ›Clinton's PowerPointer‹; comment by the Washington Post
     Washington Post; Monday, April 30, 2007;      online

Presentation graphics software:

Microsoft Corporation: ›Office Onlinen kotisivu - Microsoft Office Online‹
     Oma Office Online      Suomi

Apple Inc.: ›Keynote '09‹
     presentation software      english ›Impress‹
     presentation software      english


»Prezi« zooming presentation editor
     Ziu Lab, Budapest (HU)      web


Kapterev, Alexei: ›RealTimeStrategy‹; corporate strategy, presentation design and public speaking.
     Москва (Российская Федерация · RU)      Русский · russian

Sonia Coleman: ›Free PowerPoint templates and tutorials!‹
     Sonia Coleman Trust and CrystalGraphics, Inc.      english


Byrne, David: »Learning to Love PowerPoint«, CondeNet, Inc.; New York, NY 10036     online

Tufte, Edward R.: »PowerPoint Is Evil«, CondeNet, Inc.; New York, NY 10036     online

Tufte, Edward R.: ›The cognitive style of PowerPoint‹;
     ISBN: 0-961392150       Lapin yliopiston kirjaston/Lapland University Library:
      For staff use only (ei lainata) · TAID Weplay Tufte Edward R

Note: if you have an issue with the task or your stuck with your idea, do not hesitate to inform me early enough,
     we can make an appointment in order to discuss the matter in my office.
     You can contact me by e-mail.
     Or by phone: +358 50 9280444

Sanakirjat · Dictionary:

›Kaannos ilmainen sanakirja‹ (free English - Finnish - English dictionary)
›Ilmainen Sanakirja‹ multilanguage translator
      suomi (finish) - englanti (english) - italia (italiano) - venäjä (russian, русский)

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