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The course has started on 29. Jan. 2010 · klo 13-17 in F 2071

As promised here are the links and downloads according to this course:

Linklist according to the lecture from 29. Jan.: »Man and His Signs.«
Linklist according to the lecture from 30. Jan.: »To overcome the curse of Babel.«
Linklist according to our visit at the: »Provincial Museum of Lapland« Pohjoisranta 4, Rovaniemi 4. Feb.
Linklist according to the lecture from 5. Feb.: »Exhibition Design«
Linklist according to the lecture from 18. Feb.: »Ethnicity«
Linklist according to the lecture from 19. Feb.: »The need for planning an exhibition«
Links according to the presentation from 4. Mar.: »Curators selections of your presentation«
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Linklist according to the intergroup development lectures from 5. - 12. Mar.
Linklist according to the lecture from 13. Mar.: Prof. Theo van Leeuwen (University of Technology, Sydney)
     »The semiotics of texture - theory and practice of multimodal analysis«

Concluding discussion was on 20. Mar. 2010; see here the achievements.


Aihe on: · Topic of this course:

The Design of Signage Systems, as a part of the discipline ›visual design‹, analyzes and articulates the visual language that seem to govern the process of ›symbol‹ design. ›Symbol‹ conceived in the context of environmental directional signage having the potentials for constructing an effective graphical interface between the user and the intended facility. As designer we will translate our ideas into a system of symbols to solve the problem of message communications in a public facility.

Conferences at a glance (in 2010)

»Malofiej 18«; 7. - 12. mar. 2010
     SND-E, Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona (ESP)      español

»FUSE - Reclaim the Future« design conference; 14. - 16. April, 2010
     Chicago, Illinois (USA)      english

»ADC Gipfel (summit) 2010«: ›The Clash of Creative Cultures‹; 12. - 16. May 2010
     Art Directors Club für Deutschland (ADC) e.V.; Frankfurt/Main (GER)      deutsch

»SEGD Conference + Expo«; 2. - 5. June, 2010
      SEGD - Society for Environmental Graphic Design (USA)      english

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