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As promised here are the links and downloads according to this course:

Linklist according to the lecture from 2. feb.:
     »The history of western landscape architecture, architecture, enginering and town planning.«

Linklist according to the lecture from 3. feb.: »Light, Colour, Interiour«
Linklist according to the lecture from 4. feb.: »Wayshowing versus Wayfinding«
Linklist according to the lecture from 5. feb.: »Guidance · Orientation«
Linklist according to the lecture from 9. feb.: »The need for planning«
Linklist according to the lecture from 11. feb.: »Guidance for Public Facilities«
Linklist according to the lecture from 16. feb.: »Pooling - bringing people together«
Linklist according to the lecture from 17. feb.: »Accessible Architecture«
Linklist according to the lecture from 18. feb.: »Virtual Navigation«

Final presentation was on 27. Feb. 2009 ·


Aihe on: · Topic of this course:

Environmental Graphic Design embraces many design disciplines including graphic, architectural, interior, landscape, and industrial design, all concerned with the visual aspects of wayfinding, communicating identity and information, and shaping the idea of place. Environmental graphic designers are becoming more than just part of the design team, taking a lead role in the design of signage, wayfinding and visual communication systems. This course will explore techniques developed as part of the Environmental Graphic Design process to the overall design and planning process in order to welcome, inform, help to orient, regulate and sometimes just encourage people.

Conferences at a glance (till spring 2009)

»IDEA Conference«; October 7-8, 2008
     Chicago, IL, (USA)      english

»Interaction09«; February 5-8, 2009
     Vancouver, BC (CAN)      english

»VizThink 2009«; February 22. - 25. 2009
     San Jose, California (USA)      english

»EXPOSED'09«; 6. - 7. mar. 2009
     Arizona State University (USA)      english

»Malofiej 17«; 22. - 27. mar. 2009
     SND-E, Universidad de Navarra, Pamplona (ESP)      español

13th annual »FUSE« design conference; April 22-24, 2009
     San Francisco, California (USA)      english


»Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA)«;
     improves the understanding of the relationships between people and their environments.      english

»International Association for People-Environment Studies (IAPS)«; Spatial cognition and wayfinding ...

Study: »How ›Way-Finding‹ Affects the Brain«;
     UCSD Division of Biological Sciences (USA)      english

»Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD)«;
     global community of people who work at the intersection of communication design and the built environment.

»Programme d'études en Design de l'environnement«;      École de design, Montréal (CAN)


»DesignWorkPlan«; blog about typography, signage and wayfinding.
     © by Sander Baumann, Amsterdam, (NL)      english

»YDreams«; blog about YDreams, YDreamers and all things YDreams
     © Edifício YDreams, Caparica (PRT)      português, english

»fd2s Blog«; blog about wayfinding and environmental graphic design.
     © by Fuller Dyal & Stamper, Austin, Tx, (USA)      english

»The Graphic Student«; a resource for design students.
     © Matthew Aubie (?)      english

»EGD - Environmental Graphic Design«; flickr group pool.
     @ flickr (?)      english

»Environmental Graphic Design blog«; discuss and inform about Environmental Graphic Design..
     © Durable Graphics Ltd., Dunedin (NZ)      english

»grapheine blog«; Blog de graphiste, de graphisme, d'illustration, de typo...
     © Paris (FR)      français

»КАК проект«; Blog
     © кAк, Москва (RUS)      Русский

»«; Blog
     © Novate, Москва (RUS)      Русский

»Tzek«; Blog de Diseño
     © Omar Sosa Tzec (MEX)      spanish

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     we can make an appointment in order to discuss the matter in my office F 2085.
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